Whatcha gonna do with a phooka? MidWeek Tease: Peyton’s Ride

Here we are, teasing again. I’ve been off the radar for a few weeks, trying to finish books, rewrite books, writing new books. Basically I live in a windowless cave with nothing but my computer and a coffee pot. *grin*

So for this week I thought it’d be fun to revisit one of my back list books. A book with a cougar named Peyton, Ian the mechanic, and danger danger danger. LOL. The twist? Well, the cougar only thinks she’s older than her mechanic, who happens to be a shapeshifting fae in disguise. *gasp!* I know, right?

Here’s a sneak peek at one of my favorite books, PEYTON”S RIDE. This scene is part of a larger scene where Peyton fights for her life against a horrific, flesh eating creature and finds rescue in a very unexpected form. 🙂

A soft puff of hot breath and the velvet skin of a horse’s nose nuzzled at the back of her neck. The thoughts cut off, and she shrieked.

“Get away from me. No eating! No! Go have some hay!” She increased her speed in her attempt to get to the break room. The horse whickered, soft and low, a sound she remembered from years of childhood riding lessons. Such a spoiled, indulged child she’d been. The father she’d never known provided well for her despite the estrangement between him and her mother until she’d reached adulthood.

Shaking so hard her teeth clacked together, she peeked over her shoulder.

The phooka’s black coat glittered and shone with blue highlights. Despite the thick gore splattered on its hooves, forelegs, and muzzle, she felt an irresistible draw to the creature. Large, velvety ears pricked forward, and huge, blood-red eyes rolled toward her.

It whickered again, and she made an attempt to control her breathing. The fae lowered its head toward her, and she reached out with one shaking hand. She traced the rim of one nostril and petted the super soft space between its ears, down its nose. Warm breath blew on her forearm in a soothing stream, and she scratched behind its jaw.

A quick peek confirmed the phooka’s sex, and she blushed when the suspicion that she’d been caught looking settled in. A sound like a deep chuckle reverberated from his chest, and she tried to throw that aside. Horses didn’t laugh.

But Ian would.

To learn more about PEYTON’S RIDE, click the cover art 🙂 (You can read all of chapter one here on my website!)

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