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Tales From The Coffin by JoAnne Kenrick #Booktrailer Reveal!

Please help me welcome fellow Decadent Babe JoAnne Kenrick to the site today!

She’s showing off her new book trailer widget for Tales From The Coffin, a series within Decadent’s The Edge line!

And let me tell you, I am LOVING the premise here. I’m a sucker for pop culture references (anyone remember Tales From The Crypt?) and I’m also a sucker for Jo’s writing. So, insta-fan right here. Throw in some supernatural creatures and a sexy/horrifying premise and I’m putty in her hands. :)




Want to learn more about Estella and Lucy? Visit them on the web at Tales From The Coffin!



  1. Buffy Kennedy
    1102 days ago

    Hehe, awesome widget, and fun sounding stories!

    • Jennifer James
      1101 days ago

      If it’s a JoAnne Kenrick, it will be awesome. I guarantee it. :)