Tales From The Coffin by JoAnne Kenrick #Booktrailer Reveal!

Please help me welcome fellow Decadent Babe JoAnne Kenrick to the site today!

She’s showing off her new book trailer widget for Tales From The Coffin, a series within Decadent’s The Edge line!

And let me tell you, I am LOVING the premise here. I’m a sucker for pop culture references (anyone remember Tales From The Crypt?) and I’m also a sucker for Jo’s writing. So, insta-fan right here. Throw in some supernatural creatures and a sexy/horrifying premise and I’m putty in her hands. 🙂




Want to learn more about Estella and Lucy? Visit them on the web at Tales From The Coffin!


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  1. Buffy Kennedy May 15, 2012 at 5:06 pm

    Hehe, awesome widget, and fun sounding stories!