Just who the heck is Jennifer James, anyway? (And why should I care?)

SOOO…it’s been over a year since I posted this. Jan 7, 2012 I posted this bio. It’s time for an update. 🙂

I am Jennifer James. I’m still writing under a pseudonym. I’ve gone from exclusively publishing with small e-pubs to doing some indie work as well. I love the indie stuff, I can set my own release dates and choose my cover artists. I’ve got some awesome friends who help me with editing and proofing and covers…and I do things for them in return. Like, make swag and be silly. Proofread for them back.

I quit my job, graduated college, now I’m looking for a job again cause awesome as writing is, it isn’t paying the bills. No where near paying them. Which sucks, but I haven’t given up hope yet that I can turn that around. It could happen.

These days I mostly hang out on my own website and guest post here and there a bit. Don’t really review anymore, except for my own reading purposes. I’ve got 6 individual titles released, with a couple more almost ready to go and lots more in the works. I’m in a couple anthologies and one of them, Naughty Tricks and Sinful Treats is an All Romance ebooks bestseller. So that’s awesome, right? 🙂

Feel free to contact me jenn@authorjenniferjames.com and sign up for my newsletter. I’m not a spammer. Heck, I’m not even a vaguely organized blogger. I’m trying to improve though.

Oh, and I have to tell you this: “Jennifer James is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.” <— Don’t hate me. Just trying to pay the bills.

Well, I hope you care since you’re here.

I have a confession to make. James isn’t my real last name. Did you already guess that? I bet you did or were wondering. People who read tend to be observant and smart. Good on ya. Nope, not telling you the real one, not right now. Suffice to say that it’s a Germanic mess that sends people into a spiral of unpronounceable syllables and missing consonants. For no apparent reason other than a complete lack of willingness to just read what’s right in front of them.

So, in an effort to not completely hurt hubby’s feelings I decided to stick his first name onto my first name and invent my second alter-ego.

Uh, yeah I actually have another name that I go by on the interwebs in my continuous efforts aimed at world domination. (Oh, don’t worry, once I take over the world, things will be much more on par with Awesomesauce. Promise. Man Candy Mondays, where all the hot guys at work have to come in in a special uniform; Massage My Feet Friday, for those end of the week sore tootsies. You get the idea. Oh, and extended lunch hours for when you’ve gotten into a really great book and don’t want to stop to go back to your desk.  It applies to stay at home moms too.  Their job = super hardness.)

Where was I? Oh yes. My other alter-ego. I happen to be a Contributing Writer on this awesome book review and news website all about Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. It’s called GraveTells.

They call me Captain Dirty Pants. Or just The Captain. (For those of you embarrassed by pants that are dirty.)


How does a person come up with a handle like Captain Dirty Pants? Heh. It’s kinda a long story that involves pants, a basement, my husband, and power tools. (Are y’all getting naughty thoughts in your brains? I bet you are. Good for you. But it’s actually a rather boring story. I’ll tell it later.)

So, anyway, some rather goofy comments led to a friendship with DaVinci Kittie. That led to some writing and a real commitment to finish what I started. So here I am, writing books, short stories, author interviews, book reviews, and some really crazy rambles and blog posts. (If you want to see what other nonsense I get into, head over to GraveTells and click my profile page.   Or just use this linky. I promise that you’ll have some laughs.)

I like to write romance in all it’s forms and although I haven’t landed a big ole publishing deal yet, I have gotten some personal rejection letters. So that’s nice. ****3/2012 Update: I’ve just sold my first novella to Decadent Publishing! Huzzah!****

Cause I really like to be rejected. Gives me an excuse to have a shot.

At least I know that my submissions are actually being read, right?

Right now I’m in the midst of revising a short story and writing the second book in my Hunger Series, which is loads of sexy, action-adventure Urban Fantasy fun with some nerd humor thrown in.

Between the Tiny Divas and the job and the college stuff, I keep pretty busy. I hope you’ll stick around and hang out with me, maybe check in on my journey from time to time. If you’re a fellow writer, leave me a comment, we can commiserate over the obvious conspiracy between publishing houses and the psychiatric community. And also liquor stores.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re all in it together.